Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Chit Chat

Assalamualaikum! Dah lama sy x visit blog ni. First time visit slps bbrp bulan hiatus, blog ni mmg such a mess. Byk widget yg x working decently. Bila check shoutbox, ada jgk org yg tinggalkan jejak. Thanks sbb sudi visit blog yg dah x brp nk kemas ni. (^_^) Sorry, sy mungkin atw x akan follow balik for some reason.. (sbb malas ok malas. hehe). So, entri kali ni most likely pnjg, sbb sy cuma nak talk pasal recent updates on my life. So, feel free to stop right away or midway or stay until the last. (I assure you its probably going to be dull :) )
Bru2 ni, kwn sy ada suruh editkan blog dia dgn syarat dia bayar. Hehe, mna bleh free, byk kerja nk kena buat tau. Msa tgh edit tu, tiba2 dtg inclination nk fix blog Syaqhirah ni and change mna2 yg ptut. Pastu, bila nk edit yg melibatkan html code, kebanyakan code x djmpa hence mmg jd hindrance lah. Sy hanya dpt ubah background, divider, header. Nk ubah gak sidebar, post title, and so on tpi oleh krna html code rasanya byk brubah, nmpknya x blehlah. Trus hilang enthusiasm tu. So, sy biarkan je lah blog ni ttp kekal disarrayed. 
Sy dh move dri blogspot ke tumblr. Lbih sronok kt tumblr cuz bleh reblog byk pics of my interests etc.(kalau nk visit tumblr blog, click sini (anime tumblr blog) and sini.(islamic tumblr blog)  Pastu, dpt join fandom Naruto yg sblm ni sy x tahu pn wujud . Hehe. Msti korg igt sy ni bdk2 suka tgk kartun jepun tu kan? Yep, sy suka tgk anime tp x ke thp obses. Pastu, lately, sy dh mula tgk korean drama. Sblm ni, lgsung x minat pn nk involve dgn stuff pasal korea ni . Tpi, minggu2 trakhir skolah tu, kwn sy ada recommend satu recent korean drama, tajuknya " Sassy Go Go " aka " Cheer up! ".  Sy rasa mmg best! Female lead drama tu pn mmg sassy :D Oleh krana drama tu msa ongoing, sy trpaksa tunggu (its really unpleasant) , jd sy decide nk tgk drama lain pulak sementara tunggu update drama tu. Then, kwn sy recommend drama " The Heirs" / " The Inheritors". Fuh, episod 1 dh sy nangis . Hehe. Drama tu impressive and heart-breaking. Sy x nk rant pnjg2 psl drama tu, sbb ada bbrp prkara yg unsatisfying, tp tu prkara biasa, sbb drama mmg ttp ada flaws.
 Skrg ni sy dh 15 tahun, hari ni birthday sy! (^w^) Wish cepat!! Hehe. x sangka pulak new entri adalah pd hari jd sy. :D perasan x perasan, sy dah x guna "syaqhirah" bila nk address diri ni , cuz sy rasa awkward. (dont ask why). PT3 pn dh lps and skrg tinggl tunggu result. (wish i can reveal more)
and skrg telah bermula cuti sekolah, sy x tw nk buat apa, tp sy tgh tunggu friday ni cuz sahabt sy dari Terengganu tu mula cuti sekolah!! In other words, we can finally play Smallworlds together dgn sahabt sy lagi satu yg tinggal kt daerah sma dgn sy!! ^_^ 
Mgkin korg x tw apa tu Smallworlds kan? Basically, its a virtual world game. Sy x nk explain pnjg2 tp game tu utk 13 years old above. Teens and adults from various countries yg smpai umo 30 lbih pn ada main. Klw korg nk , try lah main Smallworlds. Rest assured, game tu online , xprlu download and sign up for free! Klw dh ada account, add avatar sy jd friend. Ni nama avatar sy " Amirah Najwa ". Pilih nama avatar wisely sbb x bleh tukar dh lps tu! (Sounds like im hoping to change my avatar name right? yh ure right) Dlm game tu byk Malay players tau. Fyi, I met shabat sy ni for the first time masa kat smallworlds ^_^. Such a fetching memory, indeed. Sy mgkin akn active and online hari2 kt dlm game tu starting from this Friday 6/11/2015 until erm indefinite. Sbb nk spend time ngn sahabats saya ! 
Sy dah x da nk crita. Lps ni, mgkin x akan update entri lgi utk msa yg pnjg. Maaf sbb entri kali ni btul2 x teratur.. tgk je lah blog nyer. Ok closure ni x nk pnjg2. Sy doakan smoga hidup readers sejahtera dunia & akhirat! Assalamualaikum & Take care!
(dont forget signature :p)

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